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WLAN / LAN with Thomson TG787v SIP


I've got a Thomson TG787v SIP (Software Release: and have issues with my LAN/WLAN settings.
I want to manage the IPs for the devices connected, and assign them to the MACs, especially because I have a NAS.
The issue I have is that the IPs displayed in the "home network" section of the router don't match the ones that are actually in use by my devices.
Here's a combined screenshot of what I can see on attached picture

I can see 2 attached devices, but not the right ones: at the moment I have a laptop connected via WiFi ( and the NAS via Ethernet (
So neither nor !!!!!

and of course, when I ping these IPs (2.1 and 2.15), I don't get a reply...

This user interface is getting me nuts. I used to do it in the other countries where I lived and it was sooooooo easy!!!!

What can I do?
Can I update the firmware? Is it a known bug? Something I am missing?
I tried to look for a firmware update but I can't find any, is there any available?
any idea ?
i could use some help
its possible that they were used in your device and they stay on the lock,
if you can't ping them, means they no more in your currently network,
You can remove these devices from the router by clicking 'Configugre' on the right top of your screen, and select 'Remove' (needed per device).
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