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Problem with Access in router Thomson TG787v SIP after Hard Reset

I have a problem with my KPN Thomson TG787v SIP :

basically after calling KPN cause internet was not working, they've checked and said that the connection was ok, so the problem was in the modem. So they told me to do an HARD RESET by pressing for 7 seconds the reset button in the back of the Thomson with a paperclip.


Modem resetted, new network name (Thomsonxxyyy) and wep key resetted to the one written in the back of the modem.

After connecting with my computer with these new settings, I get the screen in the screenshot attached, with a popup asking for admin username and pwd.


I don't have these details and KPN people just don't understand the problem. I've called yesterday for 100minutes approx, nothing was resolved, they don't understand.

I went to the shop today, nothing, they don't understand nothing.

Now, they asked me to reset, and this is the result. They should know what is needed here!

Could you please be of any help with this? what should I use to access the modem after this hard reset?? is it a default username and pwd? I've tried all the combinations Admin/password; admin/admin; Administrator/password and so on, nothing happens!

Please tell me the username and password needed to access the router as asked in the popup in the image above!

Thanks in advance.
When a TG787 is asking for the username and password the reason is that it doesn't have a connection to KPN signal.
Filling in the Username/password isn't needed.

and internet lights are probably not on on the TG787. Flickering DSL light doesn't count. That means its searching the signal.
There are Multiple reason when that happens.
1. Cables aren't connected properly. Try to connect the DSL port directly to the incoming KPN telephone line. Purely to test for a possible defect in the splitter/extra wires.
2. Modem is defect. Sometimes corrected by putting the modem a few minutes from the electricity with the power adapter.
3. Incoming KPN signal isn't being delivered to your home. Error in the KPN central in your living area, connection point from the central to your home is defect, multiple errors on your line etc.

Hope this helps, if not then what lights are on?
How long do you have the internet connection?
Made resent changes in your contract, change in speed or added television?

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I've called KPN (let's not get into the topic of how lousy their customer service is) and they told me that the signal is ok on their side therefore must be something in the modem. That's why they told me to reset it.

light is on, not blinking, but continuously on in green, together with the other first 3 lights (power, ethernet and WLAN) while internet light is off.

I've tried to switch DLS/Phone cables, nothing happened. Internet was working until 3/4 days ago without problems, sometimes I had to turn off/on the modem, but no big problems. I live in this house since 1 yr and always had the connection, 6 months ago we upgraded the line and they changed the old ST780 modem with this new 787.

No changes in the contract as well.

I'm frustrated with KPN, they just can't help to resolve this issue and is their fault not mine. They gave me a tech support number and the guy that answered told me I had to pay to have them come to look into the problem...this is completely wrong, why should I pay to fix an issue that depends by them?? how can I do alternatively? just cut the contract and go with another provider?

Thanks a lot for your help.
Try to log in the modem by going to the website no www.
Then you should see a button "connect" (verbinding maken in dutch). After that look at the internet light.

If all fails button Thompson -> reset to factorydefaults (Terug naar fabrieksinstellingen in Dutch) and wait ~10 minutes.

Paying for a Tg787 that is connected to the KPN signal but isn't logging into the KPN network is very strange advise indeed.
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